Manpreet Kalkat, Ph.D.

Manpreet Kalkat, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow, Laird Laboratory


Dr. Manpreet Kalkat completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at University of Toronto, where she earned a B.Sc. with distinction in human biology, an M.Sc. in physiology and a Ph.D. in medical biophysics with a focus on novel regulators of Myc activity. This work further elucidated Myc’s role in tumorigenesis and may lead to novel strategies for inhibiting Myc in cancer. Over the years, she has won numerous awards for research and scholarship, including the prestigious Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Doctoral Fellowship. In 2017, she joined the laboratory of Dr. Peter Laird at Van Andel Institute as a postdoctoral fellow.


Current research focus

Dr. Kalkat studies the functional significance of DNA methylation states in models of colorectal cancer. She is using a novel reporter system to monitor loss of heterozygosity of the Apc gene in a mouse model of intestinal cancer and in ex vivo organoid culture systems.

Education & Training

Ph.D., Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University of Toronto (Adviser: Dr. Linda Z. Penn)
Thesis: Identifying novel regulators of Myc activity

M.Sc., University of Toronto (Adviser: Dr. Isabella Caniggia)
Thesis: Regulation of placental autophagy by the Bcl-2 family proteins Mcl-1 and Mtd

B.Sc. in human biology (conferred with distinction), University of Toronto


Awards & External Funding

  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Doctoral Fellowship (2013–2016)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research Travel Award (2015)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship OGS (2012–2013)
  • Medical Biophysics Excellence Award OSOTF (2012–2013)
  • Office of Research Trainee (ORT) Travel Award (2012)
  • Medical Biophysics Excellence Award OSOTF (2011–2012)
  • Genesis Research Foundation OGSST
  • YW Loke International Travel Award, IFPA (2009)
  • University of Toronto Fellowship Grant (2009)
  • University of Toronto Fellowship Grant (2008)
  • University of Toronto In-Course Scholarship (2006)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Reaching for the Top Scholarship (2003)
  • University of Toronto Entrance Scholarship (2003)



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Lustig LC, Dingar D, Tu WB, Lourenco C, Kalkat M, Ponzielli R, Inamoto I, Chan WCW, Shin JA, Penn LZ. In press. Inhibiting MYC binding to the E-box DNA motif by ME47 decreases tumour xenograft growth. Oncogene.  

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*Equal contributions 

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