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Discovery of a first-in-class reversible DNMT1-selective inhibitor with improved tolerability and efficacy in acute myeloid leukemia
Melissa B. Pappalardi, Kathryn Keenan, Mark Cockerill, Wendy A. Kellner, Alexandra Stowell, Christian Sherk, Kristen Wong, Sarath, Pathuri, . . . Stephen B. Baylin, Peter A. Jones, . . . Michael T. McCabe
2021 | Nature Cancer

Structure and activation mechanism of the hexameric plasma membrane H +-ATPase
Peng Zhao, Chaoran Zhao, Dandan Chen, Caihong Yun, Huilin Li and Lin Bai
2021 | Nature Communications

A B-cell developmental gene regulatory network is activated in infant AML
Hamid Bolouri, Rhonda Ries, Laura Pardo, Tiffany Hylkema, Wanding Zhou, Jenny L. Smith, Amanda Leonti, Michael Loken, Jason E. Farrar, Timothy J. Triche, Jr., and Soheil Meshinchi
2021 | PLoS One