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Sclt1 deficiency causes cystic kidney by activating ERK and STAT3 signaling 
Jianshuang Li, Di Lu, Huadie Liu, Bart O. Williams, Paul A. Overbeek, Brendan Lee, Ling Zheng and Tao Yang 
In press | Human Molecular Genetics 

Self-propagating, protease-resistant, recombinant prion protein conformers with or without in vivo pathogenicity 
Fei Wang, Xinhe Wang, Christina D. Orrú, Bradley R. Groveman, Krystyna Surewicz, Romany Abskharon, Morikazu Imamura, Takashi Yokoyama, Yong-Sun Kim, Kayla J. Vander Stel, Kumar Sinniah, Suzette A. Priola, Witold K. Surewicz, Byron Caughey and Jiyan Ma 
2017 | PLoS Pathogens 

Exosomal microRNAs in breast cancer towards diagnostic and therapeutic applications 
Lorenzo F. Sempere, Jessica Keto and Muller Fabbri 
2017 | Cancers