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Multiple genetic pathways regulating lifespan extension are neuroprotective in a GS019S LRRK2 nematode model of Parkinson’s disease
Megan M. Senchuk, Jeremy M. Van Raamsdonk and Darren J. Moore
In press | Neurobiology of Disease

Increased frequency of heart transplantation, shortened waitlist time and preserved post-transplant survival in adults with congenital heart disease, on the new heart transplant allocation system
Milena Jani, Stephen Cook, Si Hong Huang, Theodore Boeve, Marzia Leacche, Nabin K. Manandhar-Shrestha, Stefan V. Jovinge and Renzo Y. Loyaga-Rendon
In press | Clinical Transplantation

Efficacy of nilotinib in patients with moderately advanced Parkinson disease
Tanya Simuni, Brian Fiske, Kalpana Merchant, Christopher S. Coffey, Elizabeth Klingner, Chelsea Caspell-Garcia, David-Erick Lafontant, Helen Matthews, Richard K. Wyse, Patrik Brundin, David K. Simon, Michael Schwarzschild, David Weiner, Jaime Adams, Charles Venuto, Ted M. Dawson, Liana Baker, Melissa Kostrzebski, Tina Ward and Gary Rafaloff
In press | JAMA Neurology