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Deciphering protein glycosylation by computational integration of on-chip profiling, glycan-array data, and mass spectrometry 
Zachary Klamer, Peter Hsueh, David Ayala-Talavera and Brian Haab 
In press | Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 

Loss of myeloid-specific TGF-β signaling decreases CTHRC1 to downregulate bFGF and the development of H19930-induced osteolytic bone lesions 
Sourik S. Ganguly, Paul G. Daft, Jingchen Cao, Xiangqi Meng, Zhendong A. Zhong, Alexandra Vander Ark, Austin Meadows, Zach Madaj, Bart Williams and Xiaohong Li 
2018 | Cancers 

Metabolomic profiling of bile acids in an experimental model of prodromal Parkinson’s disease 
Stewart F. Graham, Nolwen L. Rey, Zafer Ugur, Ali Yilmaz, Eric Sherman, Michael Maddens, Ray O. Bahado-Singh, Katelyn Becker, Emily Schulz, Lindsay K. Meyerdirk, Jennifer A. Steiner, Jiyan Ma and Patrik Brundin 
2018 | Metabolites