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Parkinson’s disease genetic risk in a midbrain neuronal cell line 
Steven E. Pierce, Trevor Tyson, Alix Booms, Jordan Prahl and Gerhard A. Coetzee 
2018 | Neurobiology of Disease 

A phase 1 study of azacitidine combined with chemotherapy in childhood leukemia: a report from TACL consortium 
Weili Sun, Timothy Triche, Jr., Jemily Malvar, Paul Gaynon, Richard Sposto, Xiaojing Yang, Henrique Bittencourt, Andrew E. Place, Yoav Messinger, Chris Fraser, Luciano Dalla-Pozza, Bodour Salhia, Peter Jones, Alan S. Wayne, Lia Gore, Todd M. Cooper and Gangning Liang 
2018 | Blood 

Cytosine modifications exhibit circadian oscillation that are involved in epigenetic diversity and aging 
Gabriel Oh, Sasha Ebrahimi, Matthew Carlucci, Aiping Zhang, Akhil Nair, Daniel E. Groot, Viviane Labrie, Peixin Jia, Edward S. Oh, Richie H. Jeremian, Miki Susic, Tenjin C. Shrestha, Martin R. Ralph, Juozas Gordevičius, Karolis Konvevičius and Art Petronis 
2018 | Nature Communications