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A phase I/II trial and pharmacokinetic study of mithramycin in children and adults with refractory Ewing sarcoma and EWS-FLI1 fusion transcript 
Patrick J. Grohar, John Glod, Cody J. Peer, Tristan M. Sissung, Fernanda I. Arnaldez, Lauren Long, William D. Figg, Patricia Whitcomb, Lee J. Helman and Brigitte C. Widemann 
2017 | Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 

Novel animal model defines genetic contributions for neuron-to-neuron transfer of α-synuclein 
Trevor Tyson, Megan Senchuk, Jason F. Cooper, Sonia George, Jeremy M. Van Raamsdonk and Patrik Brundin 
2017 | Scientific Reports 

A mutational signature reveals alterations underlying deficient homologous recombination repair in breast cancer 
Paz Polak, Jaegil Kim, Lior Z. Braunstein, Rosa Karlilc, Nicholas J. Haradhavala, Grace Tiao, Daniel Rosebrock, Dimitri Livitz, Kirsten Kübler, Kent W. Mouw, Atanas Kamburov, Yosef E. Maruvka, Ignaty Leshchiner, Eric S. Lander, Todd R. Golub, Aviad Zick, Alexandre Orthwein, Michael S. Lawrence, Rajbir N. Batra, Carlos Caldas, Daniel A. Haber, Peter W. Laird, Hui Shen, Leif W. Ellisen, Alan D. D’Andrea, Stephen J. Chanock, William D. Foulkes and Gad Getz 
In press | Nature Genetics