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The mycobacterial proteasomal ATPase Mpa forms a gapped ring to engage the 20S proteasome
Yanting Yin, Amanda Kovach, Hao-Chi Hsu, K. Heran Darwin and Huilin Li
In press | Journal of Biological Chemistry

Regulation of Wnt receptor activity: implications for therapeutic development in colon cancer
Zhendong A. Zhong, Megan N. Michalski, Payton D. Stevens, Emily A. Sall and Bart O. Williams
In press | Journal of Biological Chemistry

An extended release GLP-1 analogue increases α-synuclein accumulation in a mouse model of prodromal Parkinson’s disease
Liza Bergkvist, Michaela E. Johnson, Gabriela Mercado, Jennifer A. Steiner, Lindsay Meyerdirk, Emily Schulz, Zachary Madaj, Jiyan Ma, Katelyn Becker, Yazhou Li and Patrik Brundin
In press | Experimental Neurology