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Interrogating in vivo T-cell metabolism in mice using stable isotope labeling metabolomics and rapid cell sorting
Ryan D. Sheldon, Eric H. Ma, Lisa M. DeCamp, Kelsey S. Williams and Russell G. Jones
In Press | Nature Protocols

Nuclear condensates of p300 formed though the structured catalytic core can act as a storage pool of p300 with reduced HAT activity
Yi Zhang, Kyle Brown, Yucong Yu, Ziad Ibrahim, Mohamad Zandian, Hongwen Xuan, Steven Ingersoll, Thomas Lee, Christopher C. Ebmeier, Jiuyang Liu, Daniel Panne, Xiaobing Shi, Xiaojun Ren and Tatiana G. Kutateladze
2021 | Nature Communications

A proteogenomic portrait of lung squamous cell carcinoma
Shankha Satpathy, Karsten Krug, Pierre M. J. Beltran, Sara R. Savage, Francesca Petralia, Chandan Kumar-Sinha, Yongchao Dou, Boris Reva, . . . Scott D. Jewell, Mathangi Thiagarajan, Medhi Mesri, . . . Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium
2021 | Cell