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VARI chief scientist joins elite ranks of
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

VARI installs world-class microscopes
to enable discovery of the molecular basis of disease

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New drug combination targets
aggressive blood cancer

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ORC as Loader of the Rings:
Study details ringed structure of ORC in DNA replication

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Comprehensive study of esophageal cancer reveals several molecular
subtypes, provides new insight into increasingly prevalent disease

Through biomedical research and science education Van Andel Institute is committed to improving the health and enhancing the lives of current and future generations.

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Osteoblast-specific deletion of Hprt2/Cdc73 results in high bone mass and increased bone turnover
Casey J. Droscha, Cassandra R. Diegel, Nicole J. Ethen, Travis A. Burgers, Mitchell J. McDonald, Kevin A. Maupin, Agni S. Naidu, PengFei Wang, Bin T. Teh, and Bart O. Williams
2017 | Bone

Parkinson’s disease-associated genetic variation is linked to quantitative expression of inflammatory genes
Steven Pierce and Gerhard A. Coetzee
2017 | PLoS One

Structural analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis homologues of the eukaryotic proteasome assembly chaperone 2 (PAC2)
Lin Bai, Jordan B. Jastrab, Marta Isasa, Kuan Hu, Hongjun Yu, Steven P. Gygi, K. Heran Darwin and Huilin Li
In press | Journal of Bacteriology