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Desumoylase SENP6 maintains osteochrondroprogenitor homeostasis by suppressing the p53 pathway
Jianshuang Li, Di Lu, Hong Dou, Huadie Liu, Kevin Weaver, Wenjun Wang, Jiada Li, Edward T.H. Yeh, Bart O. Williams, Ling Zheng, and Tao Yang  
2018 | Nature Communications 

Prion protein inhibits fast axonal transport through a mechanism involving casein kinase 2
Emiliano Zamponi, Fiamma Buratti, Gabriel Cataldi, Hector Hugo Caicedo, Yuyu Song, Lisa M. Jungbauer, Mary J. LaDu, Mariano Bisbal, Alfredo Lorenzo, Jiyan Ma, Pablo R. Helguera, Gerardo A. Morfini, Scott T. Brady, and Gustavo F. Pigino  
2017 | PLoS One

Genetic effects on gene expression across human tissues  
The GTEx Consortium  
2017 | Nature