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Exendin-4 treatment improves LPS-induced depressive-like behavior without affecting pro-inflammatory cytokines 
Filip Ventorp, Cecillie Bay-Richter, Analise Sauro Nagendra, Shorena Janelidze, Viktor Sjödahl Matsson, Jack Lipton, Ulrika Nordström, Åsa Westrin, Patrik Brundin and Lena Brundin 
2017 | Journal of Parkinson’s Disease

An intrinsic epigenetic barrier for functional axon regeneration 
Xi-Lan Weng, Ran An, Jessica Cassin, Jessica Joseph, Ruifa Mi, Chen Wang, Chun Zhong, Seung-Gi Jin, Gerd P. Pfeifer, Alfonso Bellacosa, Xinzhong Dong, Ahmet Hoke, Zhigang He, Hongjun Song and Guo-li Ming 
2017 | Neuron 

Wnt5a promotes frizzled-4 signalosome assembly by stabilizing cysteine-rich domain dimerization 
Zachary J. DeBruine, Jiyuan Ke, Kaleeckal G. Harikumar, Xin Gu, Peter Borowsky, Bart O. Williams, Wenqing Xu, Laurence J. Miller, H. Eric Xu and Karsten Melcher 
2017 | Genes and Development 


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