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Structure and electron transfer pathways of an electron-bifurcating NiFe-hydrogenase
Xiang Feng, Gerrit J. Schut, Dominik K. Haja, Michael W.W. Adams and Huilin Li.
2022 | Science Advances

KIX domain determines a selective tumor-promoting role for EP300 and its vulnerability in small cell lung cancer
Kee-Beom Kim, Ashish Kabra, Dong-Wook Kim, Yongming Xue, Yuanjian Huang, Pei-Chi Hou, Yunpeng Zhou, Leilani J. Miranda, Jae-Il Park, Xiaobing Shi, Timothy P. Bender, John H. Bushweller and Kwon-Sik Park
2022 | Science Advances

Rare variants in TP73 in a Frontotemporal Dementia cohort link this gene with primary progressive aphasia phenotypes
Miguel Tábuas-Pereira, Isabel Santana, Maria Rosário Almeida, João Durães, Marisa Lima, Diana Duro, Célia Kun-Rodrigues, Jose Bras and Rita Guerreiro
In press | European Journal of Neurology