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Repression of LKB1 by miR-17~92 sensitizes MYC-dependent lymphoma to biguanide treatment
Izreig, Said, Alexandra Gariepy, Irem Kaymak, Hannah R. Bridges, Ariel O. Donayo, Gaëlle Bridon, Lisa M. DeCamp, Susan M. Kitchen-Goosen, Daina Avizonis, Ryan D. Sheldon, Rob C. Laister, Mark D. Minden, Nathalie A. Johnson, Thomas F. Duchaine, Marc S. Rudoltz, Sanghee Yoo, Michael N. Pollak, Kelsey S. Williams and Russell G. Jones  
2020 | Cell Reports Medicine

Deficits in olfactory sensitivity in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease revealed by plethysmography of odor-evoked sniffing 
Johnson, Michaela E., Liza Bergkvist, Gabriela Mercado, Lucas Stetzik, Lindsay Meyerdirk, Emily Wolfrum, Zachary Madaj, Patrik Brundin and Daniel W. Wesson  
2020 | Scientific Reports

S100A9 links inflammation and repair in myocardial infarction 
Marinković, Goran, Duco Koenis, Lisa De Camp, Robert Jablonowski, Naomi Graber, Vivian de Waard, Carlie J.M. de Vries, Isabel Goncalves, Jan Nilsson, Stefan Jovinge and Alexanadru Schiopu  
2020 | Circulation Research