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Epigenetic therapy in immune-oncology
Peter A. Jones, Hitoshi Ohtani, Ankur Chakravarthy and Daniel D. De Carvalho 
In press | Nature Reviews Cancer 

Circadian oscillations of cytosine modification in humans contribute to epigenetic variability, aging, and complex disease
Gabriel Oh, Karolis Koncevičius, Sasha Ebrahimi, Matthew Carlucci, Daniel Erik Groot, Akhil Nair, Aiping Zhang, Algimantas Kriščiūnas, Edward S. Oh, Viviane Labrie, Albert H.C. Wong, Juozas Gordevičius, Peixin Jia, Miki Susic and Art Petronis 
2019 | Genome Biology

Trabectedin inhibits EWS-FLI1 and evicts SWI/SNF from chromatin in a schedule dependent manner
Matt L. Harlow, Maggie H. Chasse, Elissa A. Boguslawski, Katie M. Sorensen, Jenna M. Gedminas, Susan M. Kitchen-Goosen, Scott B. Rothbart, Cenny Taslim, Stephen L. Lessnick, Anderson S. Peck, Zachary B. Madaj, Megan J. Bowman and Patrick J. Grohar 
In press | Clinical Cancer Research


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