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Before and after: comparison of legacy and harmonized TCGA Genomic Data Commons’ data
Galen F. Gao, Joel S. Parker, Sheila M. Reynolds, Tiago D. Silva, Liang-Bo Wang, Wanding Zhou, Rehan Akbani, Matthew Bailey, Saianand Balu, Benjamin P. Berman, et al.
2019 | Cell Systems

Structure-based design of a hyperthermostable AgURicase for hyperuricemia and gout therapy
Yi Shi, Ting Wang, X. Edward Zhou, Qiu-feng Liu, Yi Jiang and H. Eric Xu
In press | Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Single cell expression analysis reveals anatomical and cell cycle–dependent transcriptions shifts during heart development
Guang Li, Lei Tian, William Goodyer, Eric J. Kort, Jan Willem Buikema, Adele Xu, Joseph Wu, Stefan Jovinge and Sean M. Wu
In press | Development