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New drug combination targets
aggressive blood cancer

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ORC as Loader of the Rings:
Study details ringed structure of ORC in DNA replication

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Comprehensive study of esophageal cancer reveals several molecular
subtypes, provides new insight into increasingly prevalent disease

New study reveals the structure of DNA
helicase at the replication fork

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Diabetes drug slows experimental Parkinson’s disease progression,
human trials to begin next year

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Epigenetic biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease: from diagnostics to therapeutics
Jennifer L. Jakubowski and Viviane Labrie
2017 | Journal of Parkinson’s Disease

Comprehensive characterization, annotation and innovative use of Infinium DNA methylation BeadChip probes
Wanding Zhou, Peter W. Laird, and Hui Shen
2017 | Nucleic Acids Research

Mechanisms of LRRK2-dependent neurodegeneration: role of enzymatic activity and protein aggregation
Md. Shariful Islam and Darren J. Moore
2017 | Biochemical Society Transactions