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Epigenetic dysregulation of enhancers in neurons is associated with Alzheimer’s disease pathology and cognitive symptoms
Peipei Li, Lee Marshall, Gabriel Oh, Jennifer L. Jakubowski, Daniel Groot, Yu He, Ting Wang, Arturas Petronis and Viviane Labrie 
2019 | Nature Communications

EHMT2 and SETDB1 protect the maternal pronucleus from 5mC oxidation
Tie-Bo Zeng, Li Han, Nicholas Pierce, Gerd P. Pfeifer and Piroska E. Szabó 
In press | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.

Characterization of guided entry of tail-anchored proteins 3 homologues in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Kuan Hu, Ashley T. Jordan, Susan Zhang, Avantika Dhabaria, Amanda Kovach, Margarita Rangel, Beatrix Ueberheide, Huilin Li and K. Heran Darwin 
In press | Journal of Bacteriology


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