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In vivo application of the REMOTE-control system for the manipulation of endogenous gene expression
Nicole A. Vander Schaaf, Shirley Oghamian, Jin-A Park, Liang Kang, Peter W. Laird and KwangHo Lee
2019 | Journal of Visualized Experiments

Altered tryptophan catabolism in placentas from women with pre-eclampsia
Sarah A. Keaton, Patrick Heilman, Elena Y. Bryleva, Zachary Madaj, Stanislaw Krzyzanowski, Jamie Grit, Emily S. Miller, Maya Jälmby, Grigoros Kalapotharakos, Karen Racicot, Asgerally Fazleabas, Stefan R. Hansson and Lena Brundin
In press | International Journal of Tryptophan Research

Automated identification and quantification of signals in multichannel immunofluorescence images: the SignalFinder platform
Daniel Barnett, Johnathan Hall and Brian Haab
In press | American Journal of Pathology


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