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Ctf4 organizes sister replisomes and Pol α into a replication factory
Zuanning Yuan, Roxana Georgescu, Ruda de Luna Almeida Santos, Daniel Zhang, Lin Bai, Nina Y. Yao, Gongpu Zhao, Michael E. O’Donnell and Huilin Li
2019 | eLife

Isolation of cardiomyocytes undergoing mitosis with complete cytokinesis
Hsiao-yun Y. Milliron, Matthew J. Weiland, Eric J. Kort and Stefan Jovinge
In press | Circulation Research

Role of the kynurenine pathway and the endocannabinoid system as modulators of inflammation and personality traits
Patrick Heilman, Matthew N. Hill, Mary Coussons-Read, Lena Brundin and Emil F. Coccaro
In press | Psychoneuroendocrinology


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