VARI is recruiting

an assistant or

associate professor 

in structural biology and

a Cryo-EM core manager.

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Slower aging may protect cells in
the brain from Parkinson's disease 

VARI professor elected
as an AAAS Fellow

VARI’s Hui Shen
receives ovarian cancer
research award

Through biomedical research and science education Van Andel Institute is committed to improving the health and changing the lives of current and future generations.

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The molecular taxonomy of primary prostate cancer
The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network
2015 | Cell

Development of a center for personalized cancer care at a regional cancer center
Brian R. Lane, Jeffrey Bissonnette, Tracy Waldherr, Deborah Ritz-Holland, Dave Chesla, Sandra L. Cottingham, Sheryl Alberta, Cong Liu, Amanda Bartenbaker Thompson, Carrie Graveel, Jeffrey P. MacKeigan, Sabrina Noyes, Judy Smith, Nehal Lakhani, and Matthew R. Steensma 
2015 | Journal of Molecular Diagnostics


Myeloid-specific TGF-β signaling in bone promotes basic-FGF and breast cancer bone metastasis
Xiangqi Meng, Alex Vander Ark, Prisilla Lee, Galen Hostetter, Neil A. Bhowmick, Lynn M. Matrisian, Bart O. Williams, Cindy K. Miranti, and Xiaohong Li 
In press | Oncogene


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Yang Shi, Ph.D.

December 2, 2015

Ali Shilatifard, Ph.D.

December 16, 2015