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Phase II colorectal cancer
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Scientists identify potential “guardian” against neurodegeneration

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Breakthrough discoveries highlighted
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Delaying aging is neuroprotective in Parkinson’s disease: a genetic analysis in C. elegans models
Jason F. Cooper, Dylan J. Dues, Katie K. Spielbauer, Emily Machiela, Megan M. Senchuk, and Jeremy M. Van Raamsdonk
2015 | npj Parkinson’s Disease

Circulating progenitor cells and childhood cardiovascular disease
Eric J. Kort, Lacey Croskey, Taryn Scibienski, Surender Rajasekaran, and Stefan Jovinge
In press | Pediatric Cardiology



FXR primes the liver for intestinal FGF15 signaling by transient induction of β-Klotho
Ting Fu, Young-Chae Kim, Sangwon Byun, Dong-Hyun Kim, Sunmi Seok, Kelly Suino-Powell, H. Eric Xu, Byron Kemper, and Jongsook Kim Kemper
2016 | Molecular Endocrinology