Dr. Peter Jones elected to National Academy of Sciences to advise nation on medical and epigenomic policy and direction

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Stanley Fahn, M.D., honored by Van Andel Institute

Founder of movement disorders field to receive Parkinson’s award 

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One of world’s leading scientists, Dr. Matthew L. Meyerson, to receive Han-Mo Koo Memorial Award

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Promising respiratory drug
focus of new clinical trial for
Parkinson’s disease

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Bivalent regions of cytosine methylation and J3K27 acetylation suggest an active role for DNA methylation at enhancers
Jessica Charlet, Christopher E. Duymich, Fides D. Lay, Kamilla Mundbjerg, Karina Dalsgaard Sørensen, Gangning Liang and Peter A. Jones
2016 | Molecular Cell

Perinuclear Arp2/3-driven actin polymerization enables nuclear deformation to facilitate cell migration through complex environments
Hawa-Racine Thiam, Pablo Vargas, Nicolas Carpi, Carolina Lage Crespo, Matthew Raab, Emmanuel Terriac, Megan C. King, Jordan Jacobelli, Arthur S. Alberts, Theresia Stradal, Ana-Marie Lennon-Duménil, and Matthieu Piel
2016 | Nature Communications

Methylome-side analysis of chronic HIV infection reveals five-year increase in biological age and epigenetic targeting of HLA
Andrew M. Gross, Philipp A. Jaeger, Jason F. Kreisberg, Katherine Loncon, Kristen L. Jepsen, Mahdieh Khosroheidari, Bremda M. Morsey, Susan Swindells, Hui Shen, Cherie T. Ng, Ken Flagg, Daniel Chen, Kang Zhang, Howard S. Fox and Trey Ideker
2016 | Molecular Cell