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in structural biology and

a Cryo-EM core manager.

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Big data: $5M to widen ‘bottleneck to discovery’

Van Andel Research Institute, University of Toledo

find way to combat brain cancer spread

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Van Andel Research Institute,

Los Alamos National Laboratory

to develop lung cancer model


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Through biomedical research and science education Van Andel Institute is committed to improving the health and changing the lives of current and future generations.

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An allosteric interaction links USP7 to deubiquitination and chromatin targeting of UHRF1
Zhi-Min Zhang, Scott B. Rothbart, David F. Allison, Qian Cai, Joseph S. Harrison, Lin Li, Yinsheng Wang, Brian D. Strahl, Gang Greg Wang, and Jikui Song 
2015 | Cell Reports

Integrin based isolation enables purification of murine lineage committed cardiomyocytes
Laura Tarnawski, Xiaojie Xian, Gustavo Monnerat, Iain C. Macauley, Daniela Malan, Andrew Borgman, Sean M. Wu, Bernd K. Fleischmann, and Stefan Jovinge
2015 | PLoS One

Concurrent hepsin overexpression and adenomatous polyposis coli deletion causes invasive prostate carcinoma in mice
Kenneth C. Valkenburg, Galen Hostetter, and Bart O. Williams 
2015 | The Prostate


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Grand Challenges in Parkinson's Disease

September 30-October 1, 2015

Li Huei Tsai, Ph.D.

November 4, 2015