Other Technologies

Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) mouse model

These mice express human HGF/SF to promote xenograft growth of MET-expressing tumors. Potential applications include preclinical evaluation of drugs targeting HGF/SF-MET pathway and enhancing the growth of known human tumor cell lines that express MET.

Mig-6 knockout mouse model

This genetic mouse model can be used for the study of osteoarthritis and osteoarthritic therapies. Potential applications include use in determining the molecular mechanism involved in osteoarthritis as well as for testing drugs and therapies that alleviate symptoms or alter disease progression of osteoarthritis.

Microscope slide partitioner

The microscope slide partitioner provides a convenient solution for customizing partition arrays and slides designs for high-throughput assays.

High throughput assay to measure glycan levels of proteins

This glycan-based antibody array is capable of identifying characteristic disease-associated sugars that could serve as biomarkers. The assay can be used as a tool to advance glycobiology research and as a potential diagnostic for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.