Yucong Yu, Ph.D.

Yucong Yu, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow, Shi Laboratory


Dr. Yucong Yu earned her B.S. in biological sciences from Henan Normal University and her Ph.D. in microbiology from Fudan University. Her graduate work focused on heterologous biosynthesis of antitumor drug epothilones in bacteria. With years of practicing in scientific research, not only have her experimental skills improved, but it also made her realize the beauty of science. In 2018, she joined the laboratory of Dr. Xiaobing Shi at Van Andel Institute as a postdoctoral fellow.


Current research focus

Due to the important roles in human cancer, Dr. Yu focuses on identifying and characterizing novel readers and epigenetic modifications.

Education & Training

Ph.D. in microbiology, Fudan University (Advisors: Associate Professor Xiaoming Ding and Professor Guoping Zhao)
Thesis: Systematic metabolic engineering of [Polyangium] Burkholderiales Strain DSM 7029 for the high-yield production of epothilones and study on antimicrobial activity of two Streptomyces strains

B.S. in biological sciences, Henan Normal University

Awards & External Funding

Jikai life science scholarship (2017)

National scholarship for graduate students (China) (2016)

Henan Normal University outstanding graduates (2012)


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*Co-first author

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*Co-first author

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*Co-first author