Steve Pierce, Ph.D.

About Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce, Ph.D.

  • Country of Birth: USA
  • Undergraduate University: Reed College (B.A. in biology)
  • Graduate University: Columbia University (Ph.D. in genetics and development)
  • Thesis: Analyzing genomic studies and a screen for genes that suppress information loss during DNA damage repair
  • Currently Working On: Computational methods to identify genetic predispositions to breast cancer or Parkinson’s

Pierce SE, Booms A, Prahl J, van der Schans EJC, Tyson T, Coetzee GA. 2020. Post-GWAS knowledge gap: the how, where and when. npj Parkinsons 6:23.

Booms A, Coetzee GA, Pierce SE. 2019. MCF-7 as a model for functional analysis of breast cancer risk variants. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev.

Pierce SE, Tyson T, Booms A, Prahl J, Coetzee GA. 2018. Parkinson’s disease genetic risk in a midbrain neuronal cell line. Neurobiol Dis 114:53–64.


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