Minge Du, Ph.D.

Minge Du, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow, Huilin Li Laboratory


Dr. Minge Du has her Ph.D. in biochemistry and structural biology from Van Andel Institute Graduate School, an M.S. in genetics from Southeast University (China) and a B.S. in bioscience from Ludong University (China). Her graduate work focused on studying the assembling mechanisms on type 1 and P pilus of uropathogenic E.coli. Dr. Du is skilled in single-particle cryo-EM structure work, molecular cloning, genomic editing, among other lab abilities. In 2020, she joined the lab of Dr. Huilin Li as a postdoctoral fellow.


Current research focus

Dr. Du’s research focuses on overexpressing and purifying membrane proteins from mammalian cell culture to determine its cryo-EM structures with or without its substrate and to find its catalytic mechanism as well as how it modify its substrate.

Education & Training

Ph.D. in biochemistry and structural biology, Van Andel Institute Graduate School
Thesis: Study the assembling mechanisms on type 1 and P pilus of uropathogenic E.coli

M.S. in genetics, Southeast University (China)

B.S. in bioscience, Ludong University (China)


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Du M, Yaun Z, Yu H, Henderson N, Sarowar S, Zhao G, Werneburg GT, Thanassi DG, Li H. 2018. Handover mechanism of the growing pilus by the bacterial outer-membrane usher FimDNature.

Sun L, Yan M, Ding Z, Liu Y, Du M, Xi P, Liao J, Ji L, Jiang Z. 2014. Improved dominant selection markers and co-culturing conditions for efficient Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of Ustilago scitamineaBiotechnol Lett 36(6): 1309–1314.

CM Koh, Yanbin Liu, Hnin Si Moe, Minge Du, Lianghui Ji. 2014. Molecular characterization of KU70 and KU80 homologues 1 and exploitation of a KU70-deficient mutant for improving gene deletion frequency in Rhodosporidium toruloides. BMC Microbiol.

Zuanning Yuan, Minge Du, Yiwen Chen, Fei Dou. 2013. Isolation of a human single-domain antibody specifically recognizes beta-amyloid oligomers using phage display technology. Neural regeneration research. 33:3107-15).

Yuan Z, Du M, Chen Y, Dou F. 2013. Construction of human Fab library and screening of a single-domain antibody of amyloid-beta 42 oligmers. Neural Regen Res 8(33):3107–3115.