Huihui Fan, Ph.D.

About Huihui Fan

  • Country of Birth: China

    Huihui Fan, Ph.D.

  • Undergraduate University: Harbin Medical University (B.S. in basic medicine)
  • Graduate University: Harbin Medical University (Ph.D. in bioinformatics)
  • Thesis: Pathogenic dissections of complex diseases based on transcriptional and epigenetic regulations
  • Currently Working On: Pan-cancer analysis based on dynamic epigenetic modifications

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5 April 2018 Van Andel Research Institute scientists help redefine how cancer is categorized: Comprehensive scientific resource highlighted in more than two dozen papers published in Cell Press by The Cancer Genome Atlas


Berger AC, Korkut A, Kanchi RS…Fan H, Shen H…Akbani R. 2018. A comprehensive pan-cancer molecular study of gynecological and breast cancers. Can Cell 33(4):690–705.

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Knijnenburg T, Wang L, Zimmerman MT, Chambwe N…Fan H, Shen H…Laird PW…Wang C. 2018. Genomic and molecular landscape of DNA damage repair deficiency across The Cancer Genome Atlas. Cell Rep 23(1):239–254.