Chen Fan, Ph.D.

Chen Fan, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow, Du Laboratory


Dr. Chen Fan is an experienced structural biologist with a particular interest in the structure and function of membrane proteins. He earned his B.S. in pharmacology from China Pharmaceutical University followed by his Ph.D. in structural biology from the Institute for Nutritional Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He then served as a technician in the lab of Dr. Yao Cong at the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, before undertaking a postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Dr. Xuewu Zhang at UT Southwestern Medical Center. His work has helped elucidate several facets of viral biology, including the structural basis for the recognition of enterovirus 71, which can cause severe neurological problems, and inactivation of coxsackievirus, a major cause of aseptic meningitis. In 2017, he joined the lab of Dr. Juan Du at Van Andel Research Institute as a postdoctoral fellow.




Education & Training

Postdoctoral fellowship, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Adviser: Dr. Xuewu Zhang)

Ph.D. in structural biology, Institute for Nutritional Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Adviser: Dr. Song Xiang

B.S. in pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University




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Fan C*, Ye X*, Ku Z, Kong L, Liu Q, Xu C, Cong Y, Huang Z. 2017. Beta-propiolactone inactivation of coxsackievirus A16 induces structural alteration and surface modification of viral capsids. J Virol.
*Co-first author

Ye X *, Fan C*, Ku Z, Zuo T, Kong L, Zhang C, Shi J, Liu Q, Chen T, Zhang Y, Jiang W, Zhang L, Huang Z, Cong Y. 2016. Structural basis for recognition of human enterovirus 71 by a bivalent broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody. PLoSPathog12(3):e1005454.

*Co-first author 

Cheng H, Fan C, Zhang S, Wu Z, Cui Z, Melcher K, Zhang C, Jiang Y, Cong Y, Xu HE. 2015. Crystallization scale purification of alpha7 2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from mammalian cells using a BacMam expression system. Acta Pharmacol Sin 36(8) 1013–1023.

Wu Z, Cui Z, Cheng H, Fan C, Melcher K, Jiang Y, Zhang C, Jiang H, Cong Y, Liu Q, Xu HE. 2015. High yield and efficient expression and purification of the human 5-HT3A receptor. Acta Pharmacol Sin 36(8):1024–1032.

Fan C, Li Z, Yin HY, Xiang S. 2013. Structure and function of allophanate hydrolase. J Biol Chem 288(29):21422–21432.

Fan C, Chou CY, Tong L, Xiang S. 2012. Crystal structure of urea carboxylase provides insights into the carboxyltransfer reaction. J Biol Chem 287(12):9389–9398. 

Song W, Ren D, Li W, Jiang L, Cho KW, Huang P, Fan C, Song Y, Liu Y and Rui L. 2010. SH2B Regulation of growth, metabolism, and longevity in both insects and mammals. Cell Metab 11:427–437.