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A highly sensitive non-radioactive activity assay for AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) 
Yan Yan, Xin Gu, H. Eric Xu and Karsten Melcher 
2018 | Methods and Protocols 

The ring-shaped hexameric helicases that function at DNA replication forks 
Michael E. O’Donnell and Huilin Li 
2018 | Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 

The College of American Pathologists Biorepository Accreditation Program: results from the first 5 years 
Shannon J. McCall, Philip A. Branton, Victoria M. Blanc, Sarah M. Dry, Julie M. Gastier-Forster, James H. Harrison, Scott D. Jewell, Rajesh C. Dash, Rebecca C. Obeng, Joan Rose, Dawna L. Mateski, Albi Liiubinskas, James A. Robb, Nilsa C. Ramirez and Kathi Shea. 
2018 | Biopreservation and Biobanking 

Loss of TGF-β signaling in osteoblasts increases basic-FGF and promotes prostate cancer bone metastasis 
Xiangqi Meng, Alexandra Vander Ark, Paul Daft, Erica Woodford, Jie Wang, Zachary Madaj and Xiaohong Li 
In press | Cancer Letters

Desumoylase SENP6 maintains osteochrondroprogenitor homeostasis by suppressing the p53 pathway
Jianshuang Li, Di Lu, Hong Dou, Huadie Liu, Kevin Weaver, Wenjun Wang, Jiada Li, Edward T.H. Yeh, Bart O. Williams, Ling Zheng, and Tao Yang  
2018 | Nature Communications 

Prion protein inhibits fast axonal transport through a mechanism involving casein kinase 2
Emiliano Zamponi, Fiamma Buratti, Gabriel Cataldi, Hector Hugo Caicedo, Yuyu Song, Lisa M. Jungbauer, Mary J. LaDu, Mariano Bisbal, Alfredo Lorenzo, Jiyan Ma, Pablo R. Helguera, Gerardo A. Morfini, Scott T. Brady, and Gustavo F. Pigino  
2017 | PLoS One

Genetic effects on gene expression across human tissues  
The GTEx Consortium  
2017 | Nature

Comprehensive and integrated genomic characterization of adult soft tissue sarcomas
The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network 
2017 | Cell

Electron cryo-microscopy structure of a human TRPM4 channel 
Paige A. Winkler, Yihe Huang, Weinan Sun, Juan Du and Wei Lü 
2017 | Nature 

Structure of human immunoproteasome with a reversible and noncompetitive inhibitor that selectively inhibits activate lymphocytes
Ruda de Luna Almeida Santos, Lin Bai, Pradeep K. Singh, Naoka Murakami, Hao Fan, Wenhu Zhan, Yingrong Zhu, Xiuju Jiang, Kaiming Zhang, Jean Pierre Assker, Carl F. Nathan, Huilin Li, Jamil Azzi and Gang Lin 
2017 | Nature Communications 

The arginine methyltransferase PRMT6 regulates DNA methylation and contributes to global DNA hypomethylation in cancer 
Nicolas Veland, Swanand Hardikar, Yi Zhong, Sitaram Sayatri, Jiameng Dan, Brian D. Strahl, Scott B. Rothbart, Mark T. Bedford and Taiping Chen 
2017 | Cell Reports 

Spread of aggregates after olfactory bulb injection of α-synuclein fibrils is associated with early neuronal loss and is reduced long term 
Nolwen L. Rey, Sonia George, Jennifer A. Steiner, Zachary Madaj, Kelvin C. Luk, John Q. Trojanowski, Virginia M.-Y. Lee and Patrik Brundin 
2018 | Acta Neuropathologica

Is the enzyme ACMSD a novel therapeutic target in Parkinson’s disease? 
Keerthi Thirtamara-Rajamani, Peipei Li, Martha L. Escobar Galvis, Viviane Labrie, Patrik Brundin and Lena Brundin 
2017 | Journal of Parkinson’s Disease 

Assembly and architecture of the Wnt/β-catenin signalosome at the membrane 
Zachary J. DeBruine, H. Eric Xu and Karsten Melcher 
In press | British Journal of Pharmacology 

Therapeutic approaches to target alpha-synuclein pathology 
Patrik Brundin, Kuldip D. Dave and Jeffrey H. Kordower 
In press | Experimental Neurology 

Photosensing and thermosensing by phytochrome B require both proximal and distal allosteric features within the dimeric photoreceptor 
E. Sethe Burgie, Adam N. Bussell, Shu-Hui Lye, Tong Wang, Weiming Hu, Katrice E. McLoughlin, Erin L. Weber, Huilin Li and Richard D. Vierstra 
2017 | Scientific Reports

Cryo-EM structure of Mcm2-7 double hexamer on DNA suggests a lagging-strand DNA extrusion model 
Yasunori Noguchi, Auanning Yuan, Lin Bai, Sarah Schneider, Gongpu Zhao, Bruce Stillman, Christian Speck and Huilin Li 
In press | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.