Van Andel Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai awarded National Cancer Institute grant for epigenomic data analysis

New computational tool may speed drug discovery

The whole of epigenetic regulation may be greater than the sum of its parts

Vitamin C may boost effectiveness of acute myeloid leukemia treatment

The investigators urge patience and caution patients to wait for the results of the clinical trial.
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Systematic comparison of monoclonal versus polyclonal antibodies for mapping histone modifications by ChiP-seq
Michele Busby, Catherine Xue, Catherine Li, Yossi Farjoun, Elizabeth Geinger, Ido Yofe, Adrianne Gladden, Charles B. Epstein, Evan M. Cornett, Scott B. Rothbart, Ched Nusbaum, and Alon Goren
2016 | Epigenetics and Chromatin

Identification of activated enhancers and linked transcription factors in breast, prostate, and kidney tumors by tracing enhancer networks using epigenetic traits
Suhn Kyong Rhie, Yu Guo, Yu Gyoung Tak, Lijing Yao, Hui Shen, Gerhard A. Coetzee, Peter W. Laird, and Peggy J. Farnham
2016 | Epigenetics and Chromatin

Lack of Diaph3 relaxes the spindle checkpoint causing loss of neuronal progenitors
David Damiani, André M. Goffinet, Arthur Alberts and Fedel Tissur.
2016 | Nature Communications


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December 1, 2016

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December 7, 2016